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Summer Specials


Membership Special

Buy Any prepaid membership saving you 15% to 25% off regular massage prices AND

Get 1 FREE 30 minute Infrared Sauna Detox or Super Ionic Foot Detox each month for length of membership ($180 - $360 value)

(See detox details below)

Silver 6 mth prepaid Membership - $331

Save 15% off regularly priced massage. Chose a 55 minute swedish or therapeutic massage, plus 10% off any additional services/products.
Platinum 12 mth prepaid Membership - $585

Save 25% off regularly priced massage. Chose a 55 minute swedish or therapeutic massage, plus 10% off any additional services/products.


Ultimate Detox Package Special

The Ultimate Detox Package $115

30 minute Infrared Sauna wrap and 30 minute Super Ionic Foot Detox with a 30 minute Neck/Back/Shoulder massage.  



Infrared Sauna Wrap

First we need to establish an understanding of what a far infrared sauna blanket is and what it does.

When we accumulate body-fat tissue, most commonly in men, it is from the waist upward. In women, it is from the waist down.

When body fat accumulates anywhere in the body, blood circulation worsens. As we accumulate more and more body fat, our circulation decreases even more.

When our blood circulation is decreased, we cannot metabolize or burn the excess body fat.

In addition, very little heat is being circulated to that part of your body. This result is what we call “cold spots.” When we take away the heat from that area of your body and it cools, the fat then turns from subcutaneous fat into cellulite.

Subcutaneous fat is soft and easy to loose. Cellulite is like hard muscle that is hardened from the lack of blood circulation. The purpose of the FIR sauna blanket is to apply infrared heat to the body in order to get underneath the fat tissue thinning the blood to allow it to get into the areas where the fat tissue exists. Bringing the blood back into the areas that have restricted blood flow, causes the metabolism rates to rise.

The infrared heat softens the fat tissue and begins to break this fat tissue up causing it to be released back into the blood stream in the form of calories to be burned up as energy. The body accumulates fat by a simple biological process. The food we eat contains calories that are stored in our blood stream. When we have an excess of calories, the body stores these calories as fat. The Infrared Body Wrap reverses this process by breaking the fat down into calories and placing them back into the blood stream to be used as energy.

What does it do?  

The purpose of the infrared body wrap is to get heat into the body, thin the blood, bring metabolism back into the “cold spots” and melt the fat tissue down. Like heating butter in a frying pan, it liquefies the fat, converts it to calories and puts it back into the blood stream so your body can convert it into energy.

Seeing is believing … 900 – 1400 calories in one 50 minute session (and no running !)

Marathon Running burns 1186 calories
Racquetball burns 1020 calories
Swimming burns 600 calories
Jogging burns 600 calories
Tennis burns 530 calories
Cycling burns 450 calories
Walking burns 350 calories

Perhaps the most immediate relief from your session in an Infrared Body Wrap is simple relaxation as it melts away the stresses and tension of suburban and urban life. The Far Infrared Sauna Blanket is the only scientifically proven method of reducing cellulite without surgery.

No need to disrobe… This Infrared Body Wrap System goes comfortably right over your own clothes, however loose fitting cotton clothing work best and be sure to bring along a change of clothes to change into to go home in.

Additional benefits of the Full Body Infrared Sauna Blanket System:

Tighten and rejuvenate skin

Detoxify the body

Inch Loss

Cellulite reduction

Weight loss

Menstrual cramp relief

Post pregnancy recovery

Relieve pain


Super Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification

Re-Energize and Detoxify
An Ionic Foot Bath Detox is a gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the body by drawing the impurities out of the body through the feet.  As your feet soak in the ionic foot bath, your body will undergo an amazing cleanse of years’ worth of stored toxins. The Ion Detox Detoxification Foot Bath is a professional ionic detoxification system which aids in total body purification, rebalancing the body at a cellular level. Treatments are considered by many practitioners to be some of the most effective ways to balance, re-energize and detoxify the body.

How does it work?
The Ionic Foot Bath treatment works by osmosis. The ionater which is placed in the foot bath releases ions through the water and into your body. Your cells are energized by the ions and are finally able to release the toxins, oils, acids, fats, heavy metals, cellular debris and waste that have accumulated over your lifetime.

It is an amazing process to watch, as the presence of these cleansed toxins and waste are deposited back into the water around your feet in a murky display of residue. Ionic body cleanse is an innovative technique for facilitating detox and drainage while simultaneously fostering healthy pH changes in the body.

In addition, the body can also eliminate parasites, pinworms, and various colored mucous; even drawing massive amounts of nicotine from the tissue and joints of people that quit smoking several years ago. As your body is detoxified, cleansed, balanced and able to function at its fullest capacity once again, you will experience a  sense of relief throughout the body, increased energy and improved mental clarity.

Ionic Foot Baths can assist with:

Enhancing the immune system

Recovery time from injuries and surgery

Join pain and stiffness due to arthritis

Sleep pattern

Removal of heavy metals

Removal of  blood clot material

Improving liver and kidney function

What will I experience during a ionic foot bath?
The sessions last for 30 minutes. After a session, users report feeling energized, focused and alert.  However, you should feel the strongest effects over time. As each client is different, the frequency of treatments will vary.  

To receive the maximum general health benefits, an initial 6 treatments over a 4-6 week period is recommended.

During an Ultra-Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath, you will sit in a comfy chair and will place your feet in a warm tub of water which contains a small amount of Himalayan sea salt and an ionizing array. The salt creates a conductive environment that enables the ionizing array to function more effectively. When the ionization process begins, you may feel a bit of tingling or may feel nothing at all.

The ionizing array turns water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions. These ions enter the body via the soles of the feet. The ions are very reactive and travel throughout the body via the bloodstream, neutralizing toxins and free radicals and enabling cells to more easily eliminate toxins. The effects are known to activate and re-energize the body’s own detoxification systems. The end result is that toxins are eliminated from the body’s organs, skin, liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, etc. The ions also stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing it to more efficiently eliminate toxins. The effects are said to last up to 48 hours. The sessions are so relaxing that many clients take a nap during the session, awakening to feel more energized and peaceful.

As the session progresses, the color of the water changes as toxins exit through the soles of the feet. The ionization process gives the water a very light orange tint even when no feet are in the water. The colors are much deeper and appear in a wider array of shades when toxins are eliminated from feet in the water. After the session, we will interpret the water and share what toxins are indicated by its color, aroma, and any particulates it contains.

The benefits of an Ultra-Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath are said to include:

Reduced inflammation and pain

Creation of a more balanced pH level

Elimination of yeast

Detoxification of the liver and kidneys

Internal cleansing at a cellular level

Parasite elimination

Improved immunity

Heavy metal elimination

Free radical neutralization

Clients are encouraged to drink extra water after a session and to take a detoxification bath if possible. After an Ultra-Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath, many people report feeling more energy, sleeping better, having a reduction in skin issues, feeling less pain, etc. 

Ultra-Ionic Detoxification Foot Baths are safe for anyone aged 12 years or over. They are not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or anyone who suffers from epileptic seizures. 

Session packages can be blended to include Ultra-Ionic Detoxification Foot Baths and Far Infra-Red sessions as you wish. For the appointment, please wear pants that can easily be lifted above the ankle and shoes and socks which are easy to remove.