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Alanea Kay Dove reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star

April 11, 2017 ·Loved this Spa! Received my first massage here today and it was an hour of heaven. I was able to relax, and the muscle I pulled two weeks ago is now barely a problem. I am definitely coming back as soon as I can!

Carl Gilpin reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star

February 8, 2018  Well have to say pretty amazing! Guess when ya start snoring proves how relaxed ya get.

Robin Miller West reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star

February 19, 2018 - My first massage there. Very friendly, clean and oh so relaxing. What a wonderful job the massage therapist did! I will be back!! 

Cindy Brewer reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
April 23, 2017 · I love Halo, Kat is amazing. I highly recommend if you are stressed, to go get a massage from her. You will feel like a whole new person.  

Suzanne Germain reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
February 12, 2017 · I've been a client at Halo Day Spa for a few years now. If your aren't, you should be!   Kat gives a wonderful massage and her business offers so many great things to make you look and feel better.

Cindy Pauly reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star   April 30, 2017 · 

Ashley Smith reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star  March 12, 2017 · 

Stacy Martindale reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
October 23, 2016 · My husband and I booked a couple's massage. We definitely plan to return. The staff was friendly and professional and the massages were amazing.

TraceyandRobert Klingenberg reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
August 5, 2017 · Had my first massage today and it was unbelievable!!! I will recommend Halo to all of my friends!!

Timothy Schroer reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
December 30, 2015 · Just had my first massage today and it was the best ever!

Vicki Eklund-Keohohou reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
March 20 at 6:27pm · Fantastic massage that I received recently. Will definitely be coming back soon.

Amy J. Hall reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
May 31, 2016 · I stopped in to check it out and left with one of the best massages I've ever had. Great place and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this place.

Mandy Fouse reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
February 14, 2015 · Went to Halo for Valentine's Day couples massages and it was AMAZING. I had Kat and my husband had Molly. Beautiful studio, very professional and knowledge therapists. Throughly impressed and will definitely be returning. Thanks ladies for making our day special!

Eva Smith reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
November 10, 2015 · Words can't even begin to explain what a blessing Halo has been I come at least Twice and month and Kats hands are one in a million!

Kenneth Horsley reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
February 13, 2016 · The personnel here are professional courteous and very trustworthy and very interactive with the client

Sheree A. AraSmith-Gardner reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
July 30, 2014 · Just had THE BEST MASSAGE EVER with Kat Chrisman, Owner of Halo Massage, in little ol' Rose Hill, Ks!!! Very, knowledgeable and likeable! Nice atmosphere! Also has an office at 515 E Douglas, in Wichita. Highly recommend her!

Jeanie Pearson reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
February 8, 2018· Couples massage was amazing! Will definitely be back

Nancy Kroening Rader reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
October 15, 2016 · Heavenly experience! Great ambience, amazing esthetician and masseuse!

Sam Taylor reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
March 9, 2015 · A great relaxing place and an awesome masseuse!!! My 2 hr massage was amazing!! Definitely will be a repeat costumer!!

Sheena Stewart-Taylor reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
January 7, 2015 · Had an amazing deep tissue massage. Will absolutely be back again!

Mitch Shirley reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
January 7, 2017 · My wife and I came and got those sweet duet couples massage we had an awesome time very friendly people they do awesome work.

Julie Webster Simpson reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
August 12, 2014 · One of the best massages around!

John Malter reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
September 7, 2013 · My wife Sandi Malter just got finished with what she called her "best massage ever".

Teressa Davis Hammond reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
October 15, 2016 · My high school friends and I had such a great time tonight. We will have to have a party there again. First class treatment.

Kyle Coffman reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
November 27, 2012 · Nothing bad to say about this place it's a good place to get a massage Kat dose an awesome job it's 10 star place

Susan McDaneld reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star
June 22, 2017 · Beautiful experience!!!! Lovely spa, perfect atmosphere, wonderful services!!!

Thea Kilpatric reviewed HALO Day Spa — 5 star  September 12, 2017 · 


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(Review added January 21, 2017)
An awesome, hard working, person with a heart of gold and compassion for the people around her. Kat enjoys what she does for a living, and for her it isnt just a "job". Her heart is in it.
Dena McCarthy
(Review added January 30, 2017)
Kat is a friendly, funny and intuitive masseuse who knows just where those knots are and how to banish them! An all-around great person who genuinely cares for her clients and happens to be spectacular at her job as well.
Jennifer Blundon



(Review added February 12, 2016)

I recently received a massage from Kat, who happens to be a previous student of mine in massage school.  I had received one other from her and even back then, it was amazing. 

This time however, TRUMPED the last time like you wouldn't believe. With the first touch, I could tell how much Kat had learned through being a massage therapist and was immediately comforted by her therapeutic touch.\r\n

If you want a massage that compares to no other, please make an appointment with Kat.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Jody B. Cansler



(Review added March 11, 2015)

 I just came back this evening from a scheduled massage and wanted to write this review while it was fresh in my mind.  I have had many, many massage therapists throughout the years and none compare to Kat.  I do not have a lot of physical issues but on a regular basis I have very tight muscles in my shoulders and back. 

Kat connects completely with my body and always finds the source(s) of the pain.  She knows exactly where to go to and what type of technique to use to relieve my tension.   I am completely at ease from the moment I walk in the door. I love all the little extra things like hot towels, hot stones, and feet and hand warmers.  I can not even begin to tell you how much better I feel when I go to see her on a regular basis.  Kat puts all of her energy into the massage and you will absolutely feel it when you're done with your massage therapy session with her.  Complete and total body and mind relaxation!

Sariah E. Heisey


(Review added March 24, 2013)

Over ten years ago I sustained an injury that over time affected the blood flow to my hip joints. As a result the femoral heads began a slow deterioration that resulted in significant pain and limited mobility.  Five years ago my physicians advocated replacement surgery.

As a former educator in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bodywork/Massage Therapy, I am a strong supporter of complementary therapies. Since surgery was not first on my list of priorities, I began a series of acupuncture and massage therapies accompanied by physical therapy and water therapy. A combination of these has significantly improved my mobility and decreased my pain.

Kat is one of the most important contributors to my surgery free recovery. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive therapist who listens not only to what you relay in the session but to what the body tells her. She is instrumental in improving my mobility and reducing the pain so that I may participate more fully in my life from day to day.

I highly recommend her work and am deeply indebted to her for her assistance in my recovery.

Janet Gao


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