Halo Day Spa
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Client Forms

To save time, you can print and fill out this form (and waiver) and bring it with you to your appointment:

First-time Client Health History form


This is an additional form that some clients may want to fill out for a more definitive view of clients physical issues for the Therapist:

Body Map for Clients


Use this form if you would like to let HALO Massage know about your experience with us during your visit:

Client Feedback form


This form is required if you are receving a massage in your first trimester of pregnancy, have Cancer or receiving treatment for Cancer. Please refer to our page titled "When not to get a massage" to know if you need this form.

Your Doctor will need to fill out this form prior to your appointment if you have a contraindication for massage and we will keep the permission form on file.

Physician's Permission form